The incorruptible quality



Dream Role

Before setting foot on our grass – which naturally is durable to energetic players both young and old – take a moment to glance over the dreamlike quality of the Büchner grass. This quality controlled without compromise is stringently applied to turf whether it is for heavy duty use on sports fields or lighter use in private gardens.

We sow globally produced grass seeds of high quality on naturally sandy fields possessing an optimum pH value.  The Büchner firm does not tolerate foreign grass, weeds or thatch growing on its turf. And with the quality and depth of the grass roots such unwanted growths are completely ruled out.


A Favourite Role

Actually, it is hard for us to part with the grass after we have spent so much time and loving care of it during its growth. By the time that we shear the turf from the soil into Rolls we have mown its growth with a cylinder mower not ten times but between sixty to eighty times and all importantly have vacuumed up the cuttings. Only in this way can we be sure that the grass has a thick growth with strong roots.

The disagreeable aspect of grass entanglement is prevented by regular verticulation of the turf. And remember before you start to water your new turf we had already watered it regularly and fed it with a balanced fertiliser resulting in its optimal growth.

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Leading Role

Turf has played a leading role with the Büchner family for a long time; we are now in our second generation. In fact we have gown up with grass production and hence our know how of it too. There is no query about grass that we cannot help you with. And when you have pressing queries about your grass and these lie outside the times of our daily work then do not hesitate to call us. We will be delighted to help you.

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