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Role distribution

Each role has its charms!


Sports Turf

The high standard of the Büchner grass quality is only reached by using a selection of high quality cultivated grass seeds in the right proportions.  The use of „Grass doping´´ chemicals to combat perennial rye grass (Lolium perenne) to maintain a green turf is something not used by Büchner. The Büchner Turf delivers a high performance green grass of a lasting duty.


Sports Turf (DIN 18035/4)

Use: Stadiums, Equestrian fields and tracks, heavily used open places.


Sports Turf "Kentucky Blue"

Use: Stadiums, Playing Fields, Tees on Golf Courses, Exclusive Home Gardens.

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Grass for Shady and Dry Areas

With Shady areas you probably only know how unwelcome they are? It as if you’re Gardner had taken a bite out of your lawn? Fear not! We at Büchner offer the right sort of grass for such specially demanding areas as shady or green positions that are seldom mown or watered.

In this connection Büchner has a newly cultivated grass seed exclusively on offer. Apart from its special characteristic of compatibility with shady areas it produces a grass of heavy duty.



Use: From sunny to semi-shady positions, heavily used areas such as intensively played Sports Fields, and Home Gardens.


Shady Area Grass

Use: In semi-shady positions, but also in sunny areas of high use, as also for intensively used Playing Fields, Home Gardens, Tee’s and Fairways of Golf Clubs. It can be combined (when required) with the Sport Grass sort DIN 18035/4. (what advantage does this give??)



Use: Absolutely Sunny areas, accepts being laid in shady positions, dry positions, is of heavy duty, and for home gardens with a Mediterranean flair.


Grass for Family Lawns

Use: Sunny home gardens requiring little upkeep.

It’s a Grass for the whole Family to enjoy and is only available from us. And it’s for Families demanding a grass needing little upkeep which makes it an attractive alternative to other grasses.


Grass for Fairways

Application:  Golf Fairways, Exclusive Home Gardens.


Roll sizes

Büchner Fertigrasen always plays a big role, even if you take the small.


Standard Rolls

1,00 qm,
roll width 40 cm,
roll depth 250 cm, 
roll strength 2,0 cm, 
weight ca. 20 kg.


Large Rolls

ca. 15 qm,
roll width 60 cm,
roll depth 2000 cm, 
roll strength 2,0 cm bis 2,5 cm. 
weight ca. 400 kg.

Laying is done by our team – or with our support and machine by the club itself. 


Super Rolls

ca. 14 qm,
roll width 120 cm,
roll depth 1600 cm, 
roll strength 2,5 cm bis 4 cm. 
weight ca. 800 kg.

Large modern stadiums need large and thick rolls. Fast removal of the old turf, which is gentle on the substructure, and laying of ready-made turf using the latest technology guarantee a rapid resumption of play.

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