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Cultivated Turf

prefix_imageCultivated Turf

A green Product for the future

Cultivated Turf is gaining more and more of importance. While in earlier times special and expensive methods were needed to deal with turf problems, today’s product developed over decades, has now become a financially affordable multi-purpose article as an alternative to sowing grass seed. Whether it is intended for public or private enclosures, for erosion prevention, and naturally for sports fields and golf courses, it uses the latest cultivation and production techniques. These guarantee the shortest time to lay the grass which can be done almost the whole year through.

One should not forget the reduced cost of maintenance all of which makes it clearly an alternative natural element to adopt… a building material of the future

Growing on Natural
sandy soils
German production
prefix_imageCultivated Turf


Today Turf belongs to the material that one shouldn’t be without in gardens, landscapes, and Sports Fields. It is ascetically pleasing to the eye, practical in its application and a thing of beauty for us and you too to behold.

While the Büchner Turf can be walked on from the first day onwards after it has been laid, conventionally laid grass grown from seed with the same resilience needs months if not a full year after sowing at your premises to reach this durability. It is available now from our vast fields.

Time is Money…..while you are drawing up your programme of games for the next year, we can belaying out your playing field with turf: and when needed all in two days!

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